But sometimes that story is out of date.

Sometimes it’s too large.

Sometimes it’s too narrow.

Sometimes it just misses the mark.

When it’s time to tell your real story, we’re here for you because…

a solid business strategy depends on achieving a transcendent advantage

in the marketplace which is not frivolous or superficial.

Primordial works to clarify who you are.

To focus and define your messages. And, if needed, create or update a name or identity—whatever you need—to improve your communication. Then we help implement and extend your story so it resonates with your desired audiences.

Depending on a company’s needs, Primordial’s process exists on three levels:

Level One focuses on Discovery (extract, organize, and plan) in order to develop the underpinnings for “The Strategic Idea” which shapes belief, behavior, and actions while enhancing, and extending, customer or client relationships.

Level Two constructs “The Brand Platform” which provides the building blocks that transform The Strategic Idea into a tangible blueprint. This may be comprised of a Positioning Statement, Message Architecture, Identity and Brand Expression, Nomenclature, Guidelines, etc.

Level Three utilizes different marketing mediums to “Tell the Story” and measure its effectiveness, giving rise to “Talkability.”  Effective storytelling requires an understanding of the company in order to leverage the virtues of each medium. Whether a website, marketing communications, an identity, a logo, social media, social content, a physical environment, an advertising campaign, or an exhibit space, we reinforce the strategic idea without creating complexity—which can undercut the ability to tell a compelling story.

Working with you to craft a presence in the marketplace that is

authentic, appropriate, elegant, and highly effective.

We’ve worked with literally hundreds of companies, from Fortune giants to intriguing start-ups, co-authoring their stories and crafting a presence in the marketplace that is authentic, appropriate, elegant, and highly-effective.

Recent Projects

Boulder Symphony
CBIZ Insurance
City of Denver, Mayor’s Office
Foundation Health

IBM–Watson Health Campaign
IBM–Print Division
Imaginary Road Studios
JDavis Builders
MediQi Energetics (CBDs)

Sacred Fire Foundation
State of CO, Governor’s Office
State of CO, Natural Resources

Authentic business strategy expresses itself naturally in your talk, your walk, your actions, and in the impressions you create. But how do you build an authentic, effective presence in the marketplace when everyone is exposed to—and distracted by—a crushing, daily load of unsolicited information? Not only is it unstoppable. It’s un-slow. Today’s expanded and digital marketplaces are noisy and chaotic, and they obscure your voice.

Traditionally, the one who shouted loudest was heard—but today, it’s the one who knows what to say and how to say it that comes away with the best plan.

So how do you know what to say?

And how do you feel genuinely comfortable putting those words into action?
There is a ‘critical path’—a step-by-step sequence of building or adjusting business strategy in order to structure a powerful brand strategy—that establishes the most important component of your relationships with your customers or clients—trust. And that trust supersedes the noise and confusion your customers and clients experience in finding your company, services, and products.

It all starts with The Discovery Process.

A compelling, half-day session revealing your unidentified assets (your company’s or products’ hidden gems), your real value to your customers/clients, and how to express it in a way that forges and enhances trust in new and current relationships. The Discovery Process…

  • taps into deep thinking, synergies, emotions, traits, trends, and cross pollination in order to establish relevancy, which motivates customer/client loyalty.
  • provides customers/clients a “short cut” for making decisions between competing companies, services, or products. We strive to make you top of mind.
  • maximizes media dollars because core messaging is aligned, focused, and consistent.
  • helps companies evolve thoughtfully—blending continuity and change.
  • incorporates the input of people within your organization, forging a deep, collective understanding of your essence and value.
  • reveals how the world sees you by incorporating outside perspectives which are direct links to “Talkability” and storytelling.




  • Critical Thinking
  • Heart Storming
  • Audience Identification
  • Market Positioning
  • Content Directives

Uncover the hidden gems of your business by discovery, extraction, organization, and outlining a plan which…

Begin with Discovery
to create a sound, flexible, visionary promotional foundation


Core Message Strategy

  • Collaborative Development
  • Creative Writing
  • Application to Market [Web, Social Media, Print]

FIRST, guides the scope, amount, and types of messaging needed to implement the direction revealed by the discovery and…



  • Functionality and Feasibility
  • The Reality Factor
  • Engineering and Development

SECOND, lays the foundation for defining functional requirements and making technical decisions, in combination with…

And Aesthetics

  • Collaborative Development
  • Concrete Design Mind Set
  • Application to Marketing [Web, Social Media, Print]

critical design, marketing imagery, visual styles, and how these manifest in your day-to-day business operations to effectively…

Regrettably, most people start with step 3
creating a logo/website with no thought about market position or how content will influence your audiences.

Without undertaking the work needed to establish a promotional foundation, marketing efforts operate on the “shoot in the dark” or “hit and miss” premise.

Not a reliable way to operate a business!



  • Customer / User Experience
  • Online Engagement
  • Clients / Prospects
  • Human Beings

ATTRACT THE RIGHT AUDIENCES, which will grow and contribute substantive feedback—planting new seeds for future discovery.

Companies of all sizes know that following all 4 steps is key to the success of their endeavors.

Lewis & Roca

Attorneys at Law
Phoenix, AZ

Established Law Firm


J Davis Builders

Development and Construction
Boulder, CO



Governor's Office, State of Colorado

Colorado’s Water Plan
Denver, CO



Foundation Health

Boulder, CO

Next-level Business



IBM—Watson Health
New York

Fortune 100



Scientific and Technical Data
Boulder, CO

Established Nonprofit



Brain TonIQ — Daffy Apple — Products of the Orient
Pennsylvania and Colorado

Next-level Businesses


Boulder Granola

Natural Products Industry
Boulder, CO



Colorado Jazz Group

Jazz on 2nd Avenue Festivals



Get clarity about your endeavor and its relevance to your audience. It’s only half a day.

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Nothing is more futile than attempting to promote a brand that has lost its edge and no longer motivates your intended audience or a brand that had no structure from its inception.


Working with you to craft a presence that is authentic, appropriate, elegant, and highly-effective.


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Brand Strategy
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Design + Creative

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